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    Craigslist is a great strategy. You can learn more about craigslist as well as other marketing and recruiting tips to grow your home business with the home business academy


    Warning:  Dangerously Effective (yet few know about it)


    When it comes to offline marketing, there are very FEW people
    that know how to do it well…
    Even fewer that are willing to share their proven secrets and
    wildly successful strategies with others…
    That’s why I was taken back when my colleague, Terry Duff
    decided to COMPLETELY spill the beans and share a technique
    that involves UGLY postcards…generating MASSIVE RESULTS…
    This works for ANYONE who’s looking to have more control over
    where their leads are coming from…
    And, direct mail is an absolute CASH COW when it’s used
    Fact:  Postcards get read by over 53% of those who receive them.
    Have you ever sent an email to a prospect and received an open
    rate of 53% (or anything even close to that)?
    For the first time ever, someone who’s using this technique
    RIGHT NOW, is out on the front line, pulling back the curtain to
    show you the exact process he’s using to generate leads on
    MLM Big Profits
    P.S.  Even I was pretty shocked to discover that he’s sharing
    every trick he has in his “play book” when it comes to direct mail
    and sending out UGLY postcards without breaking the bank.