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    Our Asirvia GO Broadcasting Unit changes the Prospecting and Lead Generation Game!

    What if you could walk around, drive around, or simply be in a densely populated area such as a busy mall or Sports Stadium and reach up to 60% of everyone around you with your message yet never say a word to anyone?

    That is precisely what the Asirvia GO Broadcasting Unit does!

    It broadcasts to all Bluetooth enabled android devices within a 100 yard – 300 foot range.

    Android owners receive a simple notification that has a 40 character message and a live link to your website or to the \”Asirvia Lead to Success\” Capture and follow up system.

    It is the absolute best passive prospecting and advertising tool available today.

    A New Technology for a New Time!

    Did you know that android devices make up approximately 60% of the mobile phone market in North America?

    It is GEO-LOCATION at its very Best!

    Your potential clients don\’t have to download anything to receive your messages. What is needed is already built into every Android device.

    This is a broadcast message, not a text, email, or push notification so it does not annoy or disrupt the receiver.

    See how it works: